Your New Approach To Home Buying, Selling And Designing.

Zoco Estates

Zoco Estates provides you a new approach to home buying, selling and designing of properties across the Costa Del Sol.

We are your one partner to cover your needs from property search to buying and selling, to interior design services, marketing packages and property management.

We understand that finding a property is a unique process for everyone and we will assist our clients through the entire process.

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Buy with us

Purchasing real estate is a complete process and we are committed to representing your best interests every step of the way from finding the property to buying and designing it.


We are passionate about finding the perfect property for you. With our wide contact network of buyers, sellers and developers, we will provide you with a large selection of properties along the Costa Del Sol.


Our initial contact will be through phone, online, email or in person, whichever is most suitable for you. Every client has different expectations and we want to understand these needs from the start.

This way we can analyze and interpret comparable sales and listings, recognize your budget and offer the right properties to you.


Explore our properties today and get in touch with one of our real estate agents. Together we will secure the home you have always dreamed of owning.

your Real Estate Agency in Costa del Sol

Sell with us


Finding a key real estate agent with experience to guide you through every step of the way is essential. Our agents have extensive knowledge of the Costa Del Sol and many years of experience within the real estate industry.


We assist you through the entire process from the initial meeting where we discuss what your requirements are to the final stages of selling your property.

Even if you are living abroad, we are here to maintain an effective relationship with you and tailor a performance to suit your needs.


With our excellent partner relationships and large social media presence, both locally and internationally, we assure your property will be seen and available to the right audience.


Our interior design team at Zoco Home will be dedicated to decorating and transforming your property to ensure it sells quickly at a correct price.

Are You Selling Or Buying A Property?

Are you thinking about putting your house on the market? We want you to understand why Zoco Estates stands out from the rest.

We offer a unique approach to home buying, selling and designing of properties along the Costa Del Sol.

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