Demand For Properties In Spain On The Rise

Rise Demand Properties Spain

For those who thought the Spanish property market would be affected by the current pandemic are in for a surprise.

In general, the year of 2020 has certainly slowed down the way we live and the overall economy as the pandemic related restrictions took control of the world. However, the pandemic has also changed our thoughts and shifted our priorities elsewhere, especially when it comes to the property market.

As restrictions have slowly been easing and personal movement has been retrieved, Spain and specifically the Costa Del Sol has seen a strong foreign demand for properties during the first half of 2021. This is also due to the events of international travel once again.

The last few months are proven to show that the foreign demand will continue to grow this year, clearly coinciding with our renewed focus, priorities and the “new normal” like the increase in people working from home.

So why is the foreign demand for properties in Spain on the rise?

As working from home has become one of the biggest changes within a majority of companies, the need to live within a commutable distance to a corporate office is no longer a necessity.

As a result of this, many of us are now choosing quality and choosing to move abroad to warmer locations like the Costa Del Sol.

Apart from this, as we spent the majority of 2020 in confinement we have realised the importance of being able to enjoy the outdoors. This means that many of us agree that a house needs to be more than just a place of rest. There is an increase in demand for homes with gardens or a form of outdoor space, as well as the need for a higher quality of living.

Additionally, the search for new developments in particular are on the rise as they offer all-in-one homes including amenities such as pools, spas, sports areas and restaurants.

So far, the main foreign markets that are looking to move to the Costa Del Sol are Scandinavians, Germany, France and Moroccan buyers.

For those who are looking for a change and interested in moving to the Costa Del Sol to enjoy quality and the outdoor life, we can make that happen for you.

From new developments, to luxury villas and traditional homes, we have access to all the properties on the Costa Del Sol.

Contact us today at or call +34 622 19 77 30 and let us find your dream home!

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