Home Renovation Project Update: The Benalmadena Villa

Renovation Update Benalmadena Villa

Home Renovation Project Update: The Benalmadena Villa

As you know, 2021 has been an exciting year for us so far and have created dream spaces for our clients. As we promised, we would keep you up to date and share one of our renovation projects with you, what has happened so far, where we are now and what the plans are in the future with this project. We take a look into one of our home renovation projects: the Benalmadena Villa.

We will be sharing videos and photos of the process so you can see and envision exactly how we work and what we have been doing.

As this is a big renovation project with a tight schedule, everything had to be done in the correct form and process.

Keep in mind that there are always things you need to take into consideration before even starting with the demolition process. Read here to understand the 6 things you must know before starting your home renovation project.

Why are we sharing this?

We understand that undertaking a home renovation project can be quite overwhelming. There are so many steps that need to be taken into consideration before embarking on a new design project. That is why we are sharing this experience with you, to guide you as much as we can.

So What Has Happened So Far In The Benalmadena Villa Project?

One of our ongoing projects at the moment is the Benalmadena Villa Project.

The Benalmadena Villa, located in Benalmadena Costa has so much charm as soon as you enter the house. There are 3 beautiful bedrooms and approximately 150m2 built, all on one level.

We found this property for our clients and they immediately saw the endless amount of potential this Spanish home has to offer. They wanted their recently bought property to be completely renovated, using our interior and architectural services that will transform this space into a home that radiates a wonderful Scandinavian boho dream.

We started with this home renovation project beginning of January 2021. Our original timescale to complete the project is approximately 3 months. Remember to be realistic about your timeline as renovations tend to have a delay.

After the initial client consultation and visiting the property, our interior designers were able to create mood boards and floor plans to present to our clients. Additionally, we applied for all the planning permissions to move forward with the demolitions and the house.

It was an exciting day to begin the demolition process. Our clients and our interior designers were looking forward to getting on-site to watch the home evolve over the next few months. The first few weeks of the home renovation were purely demolishing everything in the house until there was almost nothing left.

The house was full of builders and quickly turned into a building site. Almost every room was demolished as one of the main goals would be to create a more open-plan living space to make the atmosphere feel brighter and more spacious.

What Are The Plans And Goals Of The Property?

When the house was originally purchased by our clients, they realised that although the house was full of character and charm, the house needed a lot of modernising, from the floors to the walls, everything seemed outdated and needed to be transformed.

Our clients want to create the house they bought into a new home which boasts a contemporary style with a natural, boho twist. They have envisioned a contemporary family home with beautiful gardens and a cozy, inviting atmosphere, both indoors and outdoors.

What Are The Next Steps?

We are now in the next stages of the renovation process; choosing the materials and finishes for the style of the walls and floors of the house, garden and pool area. Additionally, the bathroom and kitchen utilities have been chosen such as taps, sinks etc…

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Our spaces should provide an inviting environment that speaks to our personal style and decor ideas. With years of experience and professional interior designers, we understand our client’s wishes and transform spaces into impeccably styled rooms as well as provide our clients with unique Scandinavian furniture and home decor accessories.

We will keep you up to date with any tips along the way so you can share this renovation journey with us.

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