Why Investing In Rental Property On The Costa Del Sol Is A Great Opportunity

Invest Costa del Sol

With around 320 days of sunshine on average per year and an area that can manage millions of tourists from all around the world every year, the Costa Del Sol is seen to be the perfect location for an investment property We look into the main reasons why investing in a rental property on the Costa Del Sol is a great opportunity for growth.


The Costa Del Sol property market offers excellent opportunities despite the 2008 financial crisis as well as the ongoing pandemic.

The Costa Del Sol provides something for everyone and that is one of the main reasons the market continues to grow offering investors an ideal area to invest in. Discover why the demand for properties in Spain is on the rise.


Location is everything for potential investors and tenants. If your goal is to achieve a positive cash flow when you are renting your property out, whether it’s short or long term, you need to know which location is most suitable.

A good location will generally have a high demand for rental properties, safety for families as well as a good school district if you are planning on renting long term to families.

If your goal is to rent out short term, then consider the easy access to the airport, proximity to tourist attractions and preferably be in a central location that is close to amenities like shops, bars and restaurants. Many people flock to invest on the Costa Del Sol for the sunshine and beach life, so vacationers would also be looking for properties with easy access to beaches.

There is a new trend in health and wellness with holiday makers. People’s priorities have shifted and are now looking for proximity to sport activities and healthy cuisine during the vacation. These types of tenants are willing to pay more to be able to take care of themselves and appreciate the more luxurious lifestyle throughout their stay.


Working remotely has become a huge hype due to the pandemic and has given many of us the opportunity to work abroad. This means that many people are looking to travel to the Costa Del Sol for a certain period of time and during this time they would rent a property and work from home.


The property market can be quite overwhelming at times, especially if you are a first time buyer on the Costa Del Sol.

At Zoco Home Estates, our dedicated agents have excellent knowledge and understanding of the Costa Del Sol. We understand that finding a property is a unique process for every client and we will assist you through the entire process.

All our agents are certified in real estate, understand the Spanish regulations and law in the property market and speak at least 3 languages including Spanish. In addition to this, we have access to all properties on the Costa Del Sol meaning we will find the perfect investment property for you.

To ensure your new investment property stands out from the rest, we will offer a free interior design service with Zoco Home in order to create a space that offers a unique design for your future tenants.

Are you ready to find your dream investment property? We are.

Contact us at sales@zocoestates.com or call us at +34 622 19 77 30 and let’s begin the search.


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