The number of foreign people that changed their residence to Spain has increased in the last years. The digital era and home office work has made it easier for lots of so-called digital nomads to move to Spain.

Why move to the Costa del Sol in Spain?

In the last years, Spain has been the destiny for those who want to retire in Europe. Its sunny weather, social stability and the great connection to every place via plane are some of its advantages.

In the Costa del Sol, Malaga offers near 300 days of sun, great connections to al the world via its international airport with flights to more than 150 destinies including New York, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin… Also, Malaga offers connection by high speed train with Madrid in less than 3 hours.

Besides, Costa del Sol is perfect for working at home. In the last years, lots of digital enterprises from around the world are building branches in Malaga and using english as their company language. For example, Google is one of the last companies to build a branch in Malaga.

Even the language is not a barrier, since its tourism based economy had a lot of Spanish people to learn English or other languages, so learning spanish is not a must, you can find all the services here in english or other languages.

Also, more than 16% of the population are from foreign countries.

Planning to move to Costa del Sol in Spain?

We can help you find your dream home in the sunny paradise of Costa del Sol and make a great investment. Have a look at our properties catalogue and contact us, we’ll inform you about everything you need to buy a home in Spain.

Susanna Haakana

Property Consultant

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