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You Only Need One Estate Agency To Buy A Property On The Costa Del Sol 

When searching for a home, most buyers choose to use services from a real estate agency and many potential buyers run into the problem of not being able to choose an agent and ending up with several different agencies. We look into the reasons why you only need one agent to buy a property on the Costa Del Sol. 

You may think that having multiple realtors means different perspectives and access to more properties but that is not the case on the Costa Del Sol. 

Of course, there are no regulations that state property buyers can go with only one real estate agent. However, if you are looking to buy a property on the Costa Del Sol, you don’t need multiple real estate agencies. It seems obvious but many property buyers, specifically internationals, think that using several different real estate agents in order to find the perfect house is the easiest way to find a property. 

Additionally, buyers think they can get a better price on properties if they compare and use various agencies. This, however, is not true as the price of a property remains the same. 

Why Choose Zoco Home Estates? 

Zoco Home Estates provides you with a unique and new approach to home buying, selling and designing properties across the Costa Del Sol. We are your one partner to cover your needs from property search to buying and selling, to interior design services, marketing packages and property management. 

Access To Database

Zoco Home Estates has access to a database where most properties are for sale. This means we have access to thousands of properties and we are able to search any property along the Costa Del Sol in order to find your perfect property. 

We Listen To Your Requests

We understand that each client has different needs and we listen to your requests and what you are looking for when searching for a property. Our agents have extensive knowledge of the Costa Del Sol and the properties available. 

We Offer A Complete Service 

Our agents are here for you from the initial start of searching and through the entire purchasing process of a property. Even if you are living abroad, we are here to maintain an effective relationship with you and tailor a performance to suit your needs. If you are unable to visit the properties, we are able to communicate with you via video calls, photos etc.

When you buy a property in Spain, it is required to use a lawyer or consultants, therefore, we have contacts of lawyers and consultants in several languages to make the buying process easier for you.

We Speak Multiple Languages

It is important to use an agency that speaks the local language, in this case, Spanish and understand the local regulations of real estate. Our agents speak multiple languages, including Spanish.

Interior Design 

Did you know that we also offer a FREE interior design service when you purchase a property through us. Our interior design team at Zoco Home will be dedicated to decorating and transforming your property to ensure that it is personalised to your taste and your personality. 

Our aim is to create the space you have always dreamed of. 

We are dedicated to finding the right property and always put our clients first. 

Finding your dream home on the Costa Del Sol is our priority. Send us an email at today and let’s begin the search of finding the perfect property for you on the Costa Del Sol. 

Or discover all the properties we have available for sale here. 

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