Considering a Pandemic Move? Why Malaga Is The Perfect Location

Pandemic Move Malaga

You may have started 2020 considering a move. But due to the current situation, many of us had to reconsider our living situations during this pandemic. If you are now considering a pandemic move, here is why Malaga is the perfect location for you. 

The coronavirus pandemic has certainly boosted the appeal for a more simpler life and appreciating the smaller things. There has been an increase in people leaving big cities to liberate themselves from their hectic lives, where many people are considering the option of relocating. You may be thinking, why would anyone want to relocate and start an entire new chapter during a pandemic? 

Well, here’s a question for you; why not? Research has shown that Spain is the country most people are looking to relocate to. But with so many beautiful places in Spain, choosing the right location can be a difficult decision. 

With glorious sunshine all year round, tropical beaches and so much culture, there are infinite reasons why Malaga is the perfect Spanish city to move to. From ski resorts to surfing to delicious food and historical towns, there is no other city in Europe that can offer everything within a two hour drive. Malaga IS the perfect place to relocate. 

Why Choose Malaga?

Malaga is considered one of the most liveable cities in Spain. It is an authentic gem in sunny Andalucia which is often overlooked from other bigger cities like Barcelona and Madrid. 

Coming here as a tourist to enjoy the sunshine sounds perfect. But just imagine having the opportunity to relocate and purchase your very own home here. 

The Mediterranean Climate

Malaga offers an all year round sunshine climate where summers are long and the winters are mild. The lovely weather will make you appreciate the outside lifestyle that Spanish and internationals are so fond of. 

Rich in Culture 

Another great characteristic Malaga offers is its richness in culture. Lovers of art, culture and history will find beauty in every corner of Malaga. You can immerse into the true Malagueño culture with its endless historical sites, museums and art galleries. There are things to visit both in Malaga centre and its surroundings. 

Variety of Landscapes

The province of Malaga has around 184 kilometers of coastline for tourists and locals to enjoy the tropical seaside. Additionally, Malaga is one of the third most mountainous provinces in Spain, so just imagine the endless hiking routes you can explore whilst being surrounded by nature. 

Sierra Nevada, a famous ski resort is just a short distance from the coast. There are not many places in Europe where you can ski on the snowy mountain slopes in the morning and then hop in your car, drive an hour and have lunch on the beach in the sunshine. 

Tarifa, a charming town located in Cadiz, is known for its unspoilt beaches and historical beauty which is under a two hour drive to get to. Jump into your car and enjoy driving along the beautiful Spanish coastline. 

Countryside, Urban or Coastline?

Moving to Malaga provides you different types of areas to choose from. Depending if you prefer the tranquility or the proximity to an urban lifestyle or if you like the simple or a more luxury lifestyle.

If you prefer the surroundings of nature, there are traditional Spanish villages in the Malaga province. Alternatively, if a more luxurious lifestyle by the sea is what you are searching for, then Marbella is the perfect choice. 

Spectacular Spanish Cuisine

The cuisine in Spain is a huge part of Spanish culture. Food to a Spaniard is a source of pride and a way of living, creating their identity. 

The Spanish cuisine offers many treasures to locals and visitors alike. Indulge yourself into the world of food ranging from sweet to savoury and spicy. With thousands of restaurants, bars and chiringuitos, there is always a place to taste the magic of the Spanish cuisine. 

Working Remotely 

It is clear that people are changing their views on many things. One effect of the coronavirus pandemic is that there has been a huge increase in the number of professionals working remotely. 

Many businesses are realising that functionality and productivity can be achieved by working  from home. The ability to be mobile is a real eye opener, giving people and businesses new opportunities to relocate if desired. 

If you have the opportunity to work remotely, now is the perfect time to relocate. 

Property Investments in Malaga

Moving overseas is becoming increasingly more popular, whether that is for work purposes or to immerse yourself into different cultures and lifestyles. This therefore, has opened up huge opportunities for property investors. 

With Spain being such a popular destination to relocate to and Malaga being one of the most liveable cities in Spain, looking to invest in property in this area is the perfect location for you.

With years of experience and understanding the property industry in the Malaga region and interior design, we can help find the right property for you. Whether you are looking for a full time home, property investment or rental purposes, Zoco Home Estates ensure to carry out the process as smoothly as possible for a successful relocation. 

Convinced that Malaga is the right place for your next move? Contact us at or discover properties on the Costa Del Sol with Zoco Home Estates. 

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