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Home Renovation Projects

A New Year Means New Projects: Discover Our Home Renovation Projects And Join Us Through Our Design Journey

The new year brings many opportunities for change and we are delighted to start the year with so much to look forward to. Discover our home renovation projects and join us through our interior design journey! Over the last few months, we have seen a shift in property purchasing trends in Spain. With more time spent at home, people are looking for larger houses, bigger gardens and better functionality in a home. 

This means either buying a new property or undertaking a home renovation and redecorating, the project has become a priority for many of you this year.

We understand that purchasing a property or undertaking home renovation projects, is often ambitious and can be quite overwhelming. There are so many steps that need to be taken into consideration before embarking on a new design project and we want to help and guide you as much as we can. 

With this in mind, over the next few months, we will document two very exciting home renovation projects from start to finish. This will allow you to see and read about the step-by-step process, which will transform these spaces into the perfect homes. 

We want you to recognise that we can help you from purchasing a property on the Costa Del Sol to the renovations and interior designs in order to create your perfect home. 

Each project will be documented separately so you can follow each project thoroughly and be inspired.

What Will We Share With You?

We will be sharing with you the entire process from how to plan ahead, creating checklists to help you get started, floor plans and other designs to timelines and scheduling. Additionally, we will document and present which materials will be used, the furnishings, lighting, colours and home decoration, as well as design tips and guidance throughout the projects.

We will also be sharing content, such as videos, as well as stunning before and after photos from each project so you can visually see the process, too.

So whether you are revamping a space to make it more functional or simply more beautiful, our weekly guides and stories will be your one-stop shop for all things home renovations and designs!

About The Projects

There’s something so exciting about renovation projects and where others may see a challenge, we see the potential to transform spaces into extraordinary homes. Our dedicated Zoco Home team, together with professional renovation companies, will transform these properties.

Both projects are completely different to each other but equally exciting. We have chosen to share these two projects with you due to the style our clients have envisioned for their new homes.

We would like to inspire you and take you on this journey with us. So let’s begin by introducing our first project; The Zoco Villa Project.

The Zoco Villa Project – Benalmadena 

The Zoco Villa, located in Benalmadena has endless amounts of charm and radiates character. This charming 3 bedroom villa is approximately 150m2 built and all located on one level.

This will undoubtedly become the perfect family home, with a beautiful garden, private pool and a gorgeous rooftop terrace overlooking the gardens and the Spanish Mediterranean Sea. 

Our clients saw the amount of potential from the very moment they entered this property and have reached out to Zoco Home to help them transform this property into the home of their dreams. 

The renovation timescale is around 3 months. Our goal is to create an aesthetically pleasing design, that offers just the right mix of contemporary and boho. As well as enhancing the beautiful setting of this home. 

The home renovation has already started and the demolition of the interior is in full swing. Stay tuned and discover what steps were done before the renovations started. As well as the budgeting of the project, the interior designs, floor plans and photos. 

So we welcome you into this journey and the two projects we will share with you over the next few months.  

We will shortly introduce another, very exciting home renovation project that is taking place in Marbella. A property that is surrounded by beautiful gardens overlooking the Spanish mountains.

If you are looking for a property on the Costa Del Sol, or in the process of starting your own home renovation project and need an interior design service, we are here to help you! 

You can be one step closer to finding your dream home! Contact us today at 

If you have any questions regarding these projects we are sharing with you, feel free to contact us, too! 

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