Property Purchasing Trends On The Costa Del Sol

Property Purchasing Trends

Property Purchasing Trends On The Costa Del Sol 

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting our lives in one way or another, the way we live and where we want to live have drastically changed for the majority of us. So many of us strive to live in the hustle and bustle of the city. Restaurants, bars, theatres and people filled our social lives, sacrificing the outside and bigger homes in order to live in the city. 2020 has changed the property purchasing trends on the Costa Del Sol and we look into what these trends are. 

But many of us have spent our lives at home, in the year 2020, with little outdoor space. Slowly realised the importance of living in a place that feels inviting, warm and welcoming for us and our loved ones. We realised that home is so important and it is clear that the needs and demands have changed during this year. We look into the real estate trends on the Costa Del Sol, what people are looking for and where people are moving to. 

Moving inland was rarely an interest for those city lovers. But after months in confinement during the Spanish State of Alarm, real estate agents have been receiving many enquiries regarding the move to larger properties with garden spaces.

With millions of Spanish residents being confined in small flats and realising the need for outside space, there has been a demand to plan to leave the city behind and begin the search for housing away from the city centre or even further inland. 

Bigger houses, common areas, large gardens and safe neighbourhoods are some of the top features people are requesting and on the property wish lists for many of those city lovers. 

People are focusing on comfort, safety and better features.

Malaga Is The Perfect Location 

Not only has there been an increase in property searches with Spanish residents but Spain is one of the most popular countries that foreigners are considering moving to

People are trying to liberate themselves from their hectic city lives to appreciate a more calmer life, especially now that people can work remotely. 

What Types Of Properties Are People Looking For?

The majority are looking for properties with more space in rural areas, but also the type of properties that are being searched for.

Properties With Garden Space

Homes with a garden, terraces and in general more privacy has become a must have for many families. Lockdown has changed the priorities of property buyers and whilst in confinement, we have realised the need for more outdoor space where you and your loved ones can enjoy and appreciate the outdoor spaces. 

New Development Homes

People are beginning to show more interest in new development homes. From safer communities, to brand news designs and quality, there are many benefits of buying a new development home on the Costa Del Sol

If you are considering a new build home on the Costa Del Sol, there is certainly something for everyone. From luxury complexes in Marbella to beautiful contemporary apartments in Higueron Benalmadena.

Unique Properties

The property selection on the current market is endless. Whether you are looking for farmhouses and fincas or modern villas close to amenities, there is a property out there that will exceed your expectations. 

Imagine you find the perfect property that you have been looking for during the confinement. The perfect place for you and your family, with a garden, terrace space but there is one thing missing. The property needs some changes to make that house into a home. 

At Zoco Home Estates, we will offer our free interior design services when you purchase a property through us. We can transform your property into something so unique. A place where everyone wants to be. 

With years of experience within the interior design industry, and our unique touch with the Scandinavian Boho style, your property will be the place to be. We can ‘Zoco’ your property and give it the style it needs to create that inviting home. 

Buying Your Dream Property With Zoco Home Estates

At Zoco Home Estates, we understand the importance for you and your loved ones to have the most suitable home. Explore our Property Selection, Featured Properties and New Developments to find your perfect home. 

What’s Next? 

Are you looking for a new property or selling your property? Whether you prefer something built already, or looking to purchase a property that is under construction or an older property. At Zoco Home Estates, we have a diverse selection of new developments to choose from.   

There is a property available that is perfect for you and your family. So start exploring our properties today and fulfil your dream of leaving the big cities for a more rural lifestyle. 

Do you have any questions? You can always contact us at 

Let us find your perfect home. 


Malaga photo by: Willian Justen de Vasconcellos Unsplash

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