The Benefits of Buying a New Development Home on the Costa Del Sol

Benefits New Development Home

The Benefits of Buying a New Development Home on the Costa Del Sol 

If you are looking for a change and enjoy the Costa Del Sol’s sunshine, then buying a new build may be just the right solution for you. Explore the benefits of buying a new development home on the Costa Del Sol.

Over the years, the Spanish real estate market continues to grow with many investors finding their way into the market, as well as new developments having particularly increased in popularity, especially in the Costa Del Sol region. 

Having the right home can certainly change the way you live, but sometimes it is difficult to know exactly what you want. If you feel as if a complete change is necessary, try looking into buying a new development home. 

Buying a new development home as opposed to a resale property has many benefits. So if you are unsure what the best option for your next purchase is, read on to discover the benefits of buying a new development home on the Costa Del Sol in Spain.

A New-Build Property Offers Better Quality 

A lot has changed in the way of building in Spain over the last years and quality has improved enormously compared to the older homes. Developers have learnt to understand exactly what potential buyers are looking for and to meet those demands. Not only has there been improvements through the materials used, but also visually, too.

From ultra modern apartments in luxury complexes to beach front villas with private access to beaches, there is something to meet the needs of every potential buyer. 

Higher Specifications and Customise The Design

When purchasing a new build home, you can often choose the brands and appliances to tailor the interior to exactly what you wish to have. You can make it as simple or as luxurious as you want. With a resale home, it is likely there are things you don’t like, which will be additional costs if you want to change those, for example the kitchen designs or the lighting in your dining area. 

Once all the fittings have been placed, you can just gather up your belongings and start life in your new home right away. You wont need to worry about any further renovations or the additional costs of changing things around the house. 

More Energy Efficient 

New development properties are substantially cheaper to run than the majority of older houses. They are usually built to the latest environmental standards, better insulation, luxury appliances and include more efficient heating systems.

This means, in general there are lower costs, as well as being more environmentally friendly. 

More Safety & Security 

Not only do new developments bring a new kind of lifestyle to the Costa Del Sol, they also bring more safety and security. New developments are often built in a secure complex with 24 hour security and guards. 

This is perfect if you want to raise your family in a safe community. Additionally, if the new build is your second home to which you only visit a few times a year, you will be able to leave your home knowing that it will be safe and in good hands. 

Luxury Complexes With A Variety Of Amenities

With so many new developments across the Costa Del Sol, many developers are focusing on providing a variety of services and amenities that brings a new standard of quality to living. 

If enjoying the finer things in life is something you long for on your move to Costa Del Sol, there are plenty of luxury complexes that offer so much more than just a new build home. From Nerja to Estepona, there are luxury complexes in many locations that offer an entire lifestyle with access to gyms, spas, several pools, exclusive restaurants and much more.

With close proximity to the Malaga airport, charming restaurants, beaches and other popular destinations just a short drive away, Benalmadena has become the perfect location for new builds and investing. There are stunning new developments in Higueron West offering a contemporary living area, Stupa Hills located in Reserva Del Higueron Privé and Med One and Med Two Collection located in the sought after area of Reserva Del Higueron Resort.

Additionally, there are exclusive complexes located in the hills of Marbella, such as Palo Alto, offering potential buyers the chance to enjoy a lifestyle they have always dreamed of having.

Lower Maintenance Fees & Repair Costs 

It costs significantly less to maintain a newly built home than to maintain a much older home. Newly developed homes must adhere to the rules and regulations of safety when constructing. 

In addition, all of the plumbing, appliances, heating and cooling systems are brand new, so they should not need to be replaced in years to come. Instead, you will have money to spend on furnishing your new property, interior design services and turn it into the home of your dreams, a place you will want to share memories in with friends and family. 

Are you dreaming of having a luxurious new home on the Costa Del Sol in Spain? We will make that happen. 

Whether you prefer something built already, or looking to purchase a property that is under construction or off-plan. At Zoco Home Estates, we have a diverse selection of new developments to choose from. 

There is a property out there to suit your needs. So start exploring the new developments and take the first step to your new life on the Costa Del Sol.

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