The Search For New Development Homes Increases After Spain’s Confinement

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The Search For New Development Homes Increases After Spain’s Confinement 

As many of us have spent months at home during 2020, our priorities and the way of thinking have changed. The search for new development homes has been increasing since the Spanish confinement rules. 

Research within the real estate industry has confirmed that the coronavirus pandemic has triggered an increase of interest in new developments across Spain, specifically in the regions of Malaga, Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. 

Real estate websites have seen an increase in searches for new build houses and apartments by approximately 37% between May and October in 2020 compared to the same time in 2019, according to data from Idealista. 

The coronavirus has affected the economy hard for some business sectors, but not all. Luckily, the housing industry has not been affected despite the current health crisis. The realisation and the importance of your home has been a major highlight in the year of 2020. And the fact that people are researching new builds proves that our priorities have shifted. 

Why Has There Been An Increase Of Interest In New Developments?

As we have spent over three months in confinement, society has realised that a house needs to be more than just a place of rest. 

A house should feel like a home, a place where you feel comfortable and safe with your family. Additionally, many of us are now working remotely which means it is essential to feel productive and motivated in the comfort of your own home. 

So in terms of searching for a comfortable and secure home with all the necessities we need to live comfortably, searching and purchasing a new development home is the best solution for you and your family. We look into some of the benefits to buying a new development home. Read the full benefits of buying a new development home here.

Better Quality Of Living

A new build home offers a higher standard of living compared to older homes as developers understand exactly what type of homes to create for potential clients, as well as which materials and designs that need to be used to create it visually appealing. 

All In One 

New developments across the Costa Del Sol offer complexes where buyers can take advantage of using the amenities, such as pools, spas, sports areas as well as restaurants. Additionally, whether you are searching for a stand alone home, such as a villa or a luxury apartment, new developments are often built in secure complexes with 24 hour security. 

A Home Created By You

Buying an existing home can get you closer to the house of your dreams, but there may still be things that you wish to change. If you are looking for something more specific, a new development home is the ideal solution. 

Many developers offer flexible home plans so you can create the home according to your needs. Additionally, our dedicated interior designers at Zoco Home are sure to create the home you have always wanted on the Costa Del Sol with our interior design services

New Development Family Homes 

The real estate industry has also seen a large increase in searches for new development family homes compared to last year. The majority of house hunters are looking for more space with bigger gardens and swimming pools to enjoy with their family, since so much time is spent at home. 

Villa and single standing homes in the outskirts have benefitted the most during the pandemic as families are willing to sacrifice the city life to enjoy bigger spaces outside of the city.

Real estate agencies are receiving better quality leads as buyers have a better understanding of exactly what they are looking for; more space, larger terraces and gardens, etc. 

International Buyers & New Development Homes

As Spain, specifically the Costa Del Sol continues to be a top destination for many expats to move or spend holidays and enjoy the Spanish lifestyle, international buyers are more interested in buying new development homes. 

Due to the current pandemic, people living in other countries who wish to move to Spain or spend holidays on the Costa Del Sol may still desire to, but due to the current situation, they may not want to yet. 

That is why purchasing a new development home is the ideal solution for internationals who would like to move or spend their holidays in the south of Spain.  

International buyers are interested in homes that are not completely constructed yet or may still be off-plan, so there is enough time to complete the entire process of purchasing a new property. 

Additionally, buying off-plan properties is ideal for clients looking for minimal investment, flexible payment terms and maximum returns.

As the year of 2020 is coming to an end, we fully understand that Covid-19 has not yet disappeared and that is why there is an increase in customers searching for new, more comfortable and bigger homes. 

If the pandemic has shifted your priorities and you are now looking for a new development home on the Costa Del Sol, whether you are already located in Spain or living abroad, we are always here to find your perfect home. 

Contact us today at for more information or start searching for your new home here.

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