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Discover Our Unique Zoco Home Styling Services

If you are looking to sell your house, first impressions are so important. It is essential to make the property look its absolute best for potential buyers the moment they walk through the door. Discover our unique Zoco Home styling services to give your home that extra special touch and maximise the value of your home.

What is Home Staging?

Home staging is a way of decorating in order to highlight your home’s most impressive features to help potential buyers imagine themselves living in that property. 

It is essential to have a house that reflects your personal style. That is why our dedicated interior design team will work with you to create a warm and inviting atmosphere to create a space where people can imagine themselves living.  

Together, we can help you achieve the highest sale value possible by presenting your home at its very best. 

We recognise that your property’s first impression on potential buyers needs to be a memorable one. With years of experience, we have crafted our skills to transform a space where your potential buyers walk through the door and instantly feel at home.

How We Work

The best possible presentation of your home has a great influence on a potential buyer. We understand the importance of home styling and the value in detail in order to sell your house.

Once we have had the initial contact regarding selling your home, we will arrange an appointment to visit your home to see its potential and to understand the best way to style it.

Every home offers different features, so our stylists need to understand the best way to enhance those features. Our home styling and design services range from apartments to large villas. 

Unique Property Styling 

Unlike most property styling services along the Costa Del Sol, Zoco Home Estates offers interior design and decoration that focuses on a unique Scandinavian Boho approach, combining simplicity and natural tones to create stunning home designs for your property. 

It is our job to ensure that your property value increases, delivering a higher turnout of buyers and maximise profits once selling your investment home.  

Promotional & Marketing Services 

Taking on home staging and styling with a unique design is amazing when potential buyers walk through the door and envision their life in your home.

But how do you get the viewings in the first place? In order to get potential buyers, it is essential to advertise your property via the correct platforms, as well as using attractive real estate photos of your property. 

Zoco Home Estates provides a service that includes a complete marketing package to ensure your property is viewed by potential buyers. Our marketing services range from 360 virtual tours of your property, professional photos and videos. Your property will be listed on the most leading real estate portals, Idealista. 

Additionally, we have a large presence on Social Media so your property listing will be reached to a large audience, which will help in finding the right buyer for your property.  

Selling With Zoco Home Estates

Having your home decorated with unique furniture and home decor that’s inspired by travel and handpicked carefully will set your home apart.

Once you have decided to work with us, you will be entitled to the full Zoco Home Estates services from home styling, interior design, photography, marketing and much more. Explore our services here.

Although your property will be sold exclusively through us, other agents will be able to sell your property too, where the commission will be shared.  

Let’s Zoco Your Place 

We are passionate about interior decorating. With our experience within the design industry, with projects both worldwide and along the Costa Del Sol, we can ensure that your property will be transformed with a Zoco Home style and to its maximum potential. 

So if you are interested in selling your place with a unique sense of style, don’t hesitate to contact us. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. That is why our services are customised to your individual needs and preferences. 

We look forward to working with you to help you decorate and sell your home.  

Do you like the property used in this blog post? This beautiful Scandinavian styled apartment in Casablanca, Benalmadena is available to buy! We have listed, styled and taken the photos from the property. Contact us at sales@zocoestates.com for more information about this unique apartment.

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